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Traditional Third Party Collection Process:
Making payment demands with a more aggressive approach representing our client as Aron, Sadowsky & Marks, Inc. We maintain an upward scale of aggression letters, up to and including a legal threat, while we maintain “The Code of Ethics” on behalf of our client. We can access and coordinate efforts with professional industry software, which keeps track of debtors.

Outsourcing / Accounts Receivable Management:
We integrate as the client’s extension with customized phone calls and letters using a soft customer service approach, where we make payment demands. Or, we can upgrade the letters using a much more aggressive approach, which would be dependent upon the clients’ needs. We are not a machine shop! Nor do we pump paper in and out!

Skip Tracing:
Professional Collection Industry Software and techniques may be used to find those “Uncollectable” or “Out of Business” accounts. In addition to using the “Secretary of State”, we use other available resources.

Accounting & Client Reports:
Professional accounting software is used for client
remittances based on a 15-day remittance cycle. Payments that are made directly to Aron, Sadowsky & Marks, Inc. are posted in batch format to the invoice level. Those checks go through the remit cycle and then processed through our internal system, posted to the individual invoices and processed through our 15-day remittance cycle, to ensure the checks clear. All checks received direct to client and reported to invoicing, (an invoice) will be processed and mailed to client for payment.

The Report that is available through our “Client Remote Access” is the “Monthly Performance Report.” This report is based on the cumulative placements. This shows the total monthly recovery, last payments received and the overall status of accounts. Other special reports are available upon request.

We offer a customized program to suit your needs.
Example: Purchasing a letter series.
Example: A series of phone calls based on a soft customer approach “acting on behalf of your company.”

Dispute Resolution
When a client’s debtor says that they dispute the charges on the account— we may suggest legal action or, we may settle on the account. All based on the clients’ approval. If an account necessitates further legal action Aron, Sadowsky & Marks, Inc. will enforce its’ legal process.

Legal Forwarding
If an account necessitates further legal action Aron, Sadowsky & Marks, Inc. will forward the account to a local attorney in the debtors’ state, with client approval. Aron, Sadowsky & Marks, Inc. utilizes the Commercial Law League of America, The General Bar, and The Forwarders List for legal referrals.


Aron, Sadowsky & Marks, Inc. fee is based on the “No Collection, No Fee” premise.

Collections are billed for commission using the following scale:
• Third party placements under $500
• Third party placements over $500
• Outsourcing/ Receivable Management
• Accounts from Canada
• Accounts from Puerto Rico
• All other international accounts
• Returns
• Discovery*

*Discovery is defined as identifying those claims that have been returned or paid prior to being placed for collections. Fees are applicable on a per claim basis.

Aron, Sadowsky & Marks, Inc. is pleased to offer you the following due diligence for consideration on client-recommended litigation accounts: Aron, Sadowsky & Marks, Inc. will charge a legal fee of 40% to the client for each account that is forwarded through our Legal Department to an Attorney. We are currently suggesting you pursue legal action on files with an outstanding balance of at least $1,500.00, although you are free to pursue any balance you deem worthy of litigation.

As your agency, Aron, Sadowsky & Marks, Inc. will offer our recommendations and expertise on the likelihood of collecting on a judgment, but the final decision is ultimately yours. Upon receipt of the file, the attorney will try to contact the debtor by telephone and mail in an effort to extract payment without the time and expense of filing suit.